Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 1 month, 32 hours
Course start date: September 23, 10:00 - 13:00, Saturdays
Course entry requirements: any programming language experience

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Algorithms for
Course program
Algorithm complexity estimation
  • Basic denotations. Asymptotic complexity estimation. Classification of algorithms.
Sort algorithms
  • Bubble sort. Insertion sort. Quick sort. Merge sort. Heapsort. Complexity estimation of sort algorithms.
Basic data structures
  • Singly linked list. Doubly linked list. Queue. Stack. Basic lists operations implementation.
  • Binary trees. Balanced and unbalanced trees (B-trees). Tree representation as an array and as a linked structure. Recursive and non-recursive tree traversal algorithms. Binary search AVL tree. Red-black tree. An example of using trees: the Huffmann algorithm.
Dynamic programming
  • Basic algorithms of dynamic programming.
Greedy Algorithms
  • Coin exchange problem. Knapsack problem.
  • The concept of a graph. Graph representation. Connected and disconnected graphs. Connectivity components. Spanning tree. Graphs applications.
Basic Graph Algorithms
  • Breadth-first search. Finding the shortest path (Dijkstra's algorithm). Depth-first search. Topological sorting. Finding bridges in a graph. Loops in a graph.
Genetic Algorithms
  • Usage and implementation of genetic algorithms.
Elements of cryptography
  • RSA algorithm. ElGamal algorithm. Attacks on cryptographic algorithms.
Parallel programming
  • Creation multi-threaded environment algorithms.
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