Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 2 months, 45 astronomical hours
Course start date: September 23, 18 lessons of 2.5 hours (Monday, Tuesday)
Course entry requirements: knowledge of topics covered in C# Programming Fundamentals course.

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Professional programming using C#
Course program
Handling of exceptions
  • Error handling models. Generating an exception. Classification of exceptional situations. try-catch-finally construct. Using the throws and throw keywords. Create custom exceptions.
  • interfaces.
  • Concept of interface. Interface properties.
  • Introduction to design patterns.
  • Application of interfaces for system design.
  • Design pattern "Strategy".
Cloning objects
  • Type System.Object. ICloneable interface. Prototype design pattern
  • Equivalence of types. IComparable Interface
Working with files
  • Working with files. The File and FileInfo classes. Reading and writing a file. Class FileStream. Reading and writing text files. StreamReader and StreamWriter
  • Working with binary files. BinaryWriter and BinaryReader
  • Create and read compressed files. GZipStream and DeflateStream.
  • Exceptions that occur when accessing files.
Serialization of objects
  • Applications of serialization. The Serializable attribute. Serialization and deserialization.
  • Working with databases.
  • Basics of working with databases. The concept and purpose of databases (DB) and database management systems (DBMS). The most used DBMS. Relational databases. Basic concepts of database theory. Database design. Types of data stored in the database. normal forms. Ensuring data integrity.
  • Fundamentals of SQL Structured Query Language. Purpose and use of SQL. Creating a database (CREATE statement). Data modification (INSERT and UPDATE statements). Data selection (SELECT statement). Selection from several tables. Selection with a condition (WHERE clause). Sorting data (ORDER BY operator). Grouping data (GROUP BY operator).
  • Overview of ADO.NET. ADO.NET architecture. Database creation. Data Provider Generator. Database connection. Teams. Insert, delete, update records in the database.
  • Design pattern "Adapter"
  • Design pattern "Command".
Generalized programming
  • Effectiveness and safety of generalizations
  • Generic classes and structures. Generic interfaces. Generic methods. Generic delegates.
  • Design pattern "Template Method".
  • Collection classes. Nongeneric System.Collections
  • Generic System.Collections.Generic collections. List. Doubly linked list LinkedList. Queue. Stack. Dictionary<T, V>
  • ObservableCollection class
  • Indexers and creation of collections
  • IEnumerable and IEnumerator interfaces
Multithreaded and parallel programming
  • Introduction to multithreading. Thread class. Creation of threads. The ThreadStart delegate. Threads with parameters and ParameterizedThreadStart
  • Stream synchronization. Monitors. AutoResetEvent class. Mutexes. Semaphores.
  • Parallel programming and TPL library. Tasks and the Task class. Working with the Task class. Parallel class.
Fundamentals of XML
  • XML document format. Standards. Scheme.
  • Using XML.
  • Read/Write XML.
  • The System.Xml namespace.
  • Overview of classes for working with XML.
Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Fundamentals of WPF technology. Architecture. Fundamental classes. Controls. Teams. Resources. Styles. Templates.
  • Properties. Dependencies. Data binding.
  • Fundamentals of the XAML language.
Network programming in C# and .NET
  • Fundamentals of networking in C# and .NET. Introduction to networks and protocols. Addresses in .NET WebClient class. The WebRequest and WebResponse classes. Sending data in a request. Error Handling for Requests
  • Sockets. Socket class. Client-server application on TCP sockets. TCP client. Class TcpClient TCP server. TcpListener class. Multi-threaded TCP client-server application.
  • Practical tasks of the course: Development of the final project - multi-threaded client-server application Naval battle.
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