Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 2 months, 45 hours
Course start date: September 23, 10:00 - 13:00, Saturdays
Course entry requirements: no requirements

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Frontend developer. Webpages markup
Course program
Basic concepts of front-end development
  • Web Internet network structure, client-server, HTTP and FTP protocols, web server software and hardware, DNS system.
  • Domain names, hosting choice, site placement on the Internet.
  • Internet standardization: W3C, DOCTYPE, document validation.
  • Overview of markup languages.
  • Development environments, Chrome devtools.
HTML markup language
  • Purpose, document components, tags, attributes, separators, and special characters.
  • Color rendering systems.
  • Data: Metadata, Text, Hyperlinks, Images, Multimedia, Lists, Forms, Tables.
  • HTML5 standard.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics.
  • Accessibility.
CSS styling language
  • Purpose, style document components, document structure.
  • Classes, identifiers, selectors, pseudo-selectors, pseudo-elements.
  • Grouping, inheritance, cascading.
  • Visual Formatting Model.
  • Values and units of measure. Font, Text.
  • Embedding unique fonts, using google-fonts.
  • Indents, frames, margins; primary and background colors.
  • Elements positioning.
  • CSS3: backgrounds, gradients, transparency, shadows, rounded border corners, transformations and transitions, animation.
  • Multi-column, flexbox, grid layout.
  • Sprites.
  • Reset and normalize CSS.
  • Progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, writing efficient code.
  • Document Validation.
Photoshop for markup
  • Workspace setup, basic tools, keyboard shortcuts, layers.
  • Graphic objects extraction, backgrounds.
  • Design options: sizes, padding, fonts, colors.
  • Layout cutting, optimization, features of graphic formats.
  • Markup in practice.
  • Overview of European and American CSS Methodologies.
  • BEM Methodology.
  • An overview of the Bootstrap CSS framework to speed things up.
  • Overview of CSS post/preprocessors.
  • Emails markup for mailing list
  • Adaptive design (media queries, fluid grid, fluid images, mobile first) for portable and desktop devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC monitors).
  • Cross-browser compatibility and debugging under IE.
  • Best practice.
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