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Course duration: 2 months, 45 hours
Course start date: September 23, 10:00 - 13:00, Saturdays
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*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Java Programming Fundamentals
Course program
Introduction to the Java programming language.
  • Applications. Java platform. Characteristic features of Java. Java Virtual Machine. A set of development tools (Java Development Kit). A minimal implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (Java Runtime Environment). Compiling and executing a program from the command line.
  • Integrated development environment (Integrated Development Environment). Overview of popular development environments.
  • Prospects for the use and development of the Java programming language.
Intellij IDEA IDE
  • Download and install Intellij IDEA IDE. Java configuration in Intellij IDEA IDE. An overview of the Intellij IDEA IDE workspace. The concept of the project.
  • Creating and running a simple Java program in Intellij IDEA IDE.
  • Program debugging. Diagnosing problems. Program debugging tools in Intellij IDEA IDE.
Basic Java Syntax
  • Data types. Primitive data types. Reference data types. Numeric type conversion. Cast.
  • Variables. Variable initialization. Constants. final modifier.
  • Operations. Arithmetic operations. increment and decrement operations. relation operations. logical operations. Bitwise operations. Math functions (class Math). Operations priority.
  • control operators. The if statement and its forms. Nested if statements. switch statement. Blocks and local variables. break statement. Ternary operator.
  • Loop operators. The concept of a cycle and the conditions for exiting it. while loop. do-while loop. for loop. nested loops. continue statement. return statement.
  • Arrays. The concept of an array. Declaring, creating and initializing arrays. Resizing an array. Multidimensional arrays.
  • Methods. The concept of a method. Method signature and body. Method call. Passing parameters to a method. Return value. Method overloading. Recursive methods and their use. Methods with an arbitrary number of parameters.
Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
  • The concept of abstraction. Principles of object-oriented programming: inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism.
  • The concept of a class. The concept of an object. Relations between classes. Creation of objects. new operator. class methods. access modifiers. The static keyword.
  • Wrapper classes of primitive types (package java.lang). Autopacking and unpacking values.
  • Working with strings. The String class and its methods. The StringBuffer class and its methods. StringBuilder class. Convert numbers to strings and vice versa.
  • Constructors. Initialization rules. Overloaded constructors. The this keyword. The super keyword.
  • Creating custom classes. Class inheritance. abstract classes.
  • The enum keyword, creating enumerated types. Writing custom enum types with constructors and methods.
Handling Exceptions
  • Error handling models. Generating an exception. Classification of exceptional situations. try-catch-finally construct. Using the throws and throw keywords. Create custom exceptions.
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