Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 2 months, 45 astronomical hours
Course start date: September 23, 18 lessons of 2.5 hours (Monday, Tuesday)
Course entry requirements: knowledge of topics covered in Python Programming Fundamentals course.

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Professional programming using Python
Course program
Object-oriented programming on Python
  • Classes. Attributes and class methods. Object class. SELF link. Methods of copies of classes.
  • Appeal to the base class Super. Multiple inheritance. Property decorator. Static methods.
Metaprogramming in Python
  • Class factory. Metaclasses. Inheritance in Metaclasses. Metaclass type. The use of metaclasses. Inheritance and inheritance.
Procedure programming techniques in Python
  • Generators. Dynamic importing. Function annotations.
Object-oriented programming techniques in Python
  • Variable __slots__. Management of access to attributes. Functions. Context managers. Descriptors. class decorators. Abstract basic classes.
Functional programming in Python
  • Display. Filtration. Simplification. Partially prepared functions.
Streams in Python
  • Create a thread. Thread pools. Thread synchronization.
Framework Django
  • Project creation. Simple page in Django. Binding to the URL. Request processing in Django. Templates. Creation of template objects. Template processing. Context variables. Calling methods.
Template tags and filters
  • Basic template tags and filters. Using templates in representations. Inheritance in templates. Work with databases.
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