Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 3 months, 67 hours
Course start date: September 23, 10:00 - 13:00, Saturdays

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Test Automation using Java
This course audience is expected to have knowledge in:
  • Software development in Java, including but not limited to: variables, basic operations, methods, Object Oriented Programming (classes, interfaces, objects), collections, Java project build tools (Maven/Gradle), Java 8+ features knowledge is nice to have.
  • Software testing basics (general idea, types of testing, inputs and outputs of testing process).
  • Knowledge of SQL and REST API basics and Regular expressions is appreciated
Course entry requirements
Course program
  • SDLC and STLC overview.
  • Goals of test automation. Application areas. Perspectives.
  • Test automation approaches, tools, frameworks. Pros and cons of scriptless and low-scripting tools.
  • Java programming for test automation. Popular testing frameworks (JUnit, TestNG).
  • Other programming languages used for test automation overview (C#, Python, JavaScript).
BDD approach
  • “Shift left” approach in testing. Test driven development. Behavior/Business driven development.
  • Gherkin language syntax.
  • Cucumber framework - Java implementation of Gherkin.
Test environment and project setup
Version control (git). Ecosystems of GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab
Web UI testing
  • Introduction to web pages testing. Test driven approach in web development.
  • XPath language.
  • Selenium/Selenide frameworks. Webdrivers.
  • Pros and cons of PageObject pattern.
  • Best practices, tips and tricks.
REST API testing
  • HTTP protocol and REST basics.
  • API best practices overview.
  • Tools (Postman/SOAPUI).
  • API testing using Java.
Database testing
  • Relational DB and SQL.
  • JDBC.
  • NoSQL DB testing (Redis).
Test operations
  • Building an application using 12-Factor methodology.
  • Planning and running test suites.
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins.
  • Test reporting.
  • Versioning of test suite for different environments.
Advanced API testing
  • Self documented API (Swagger).
  • Self navigated API (HATEOAS).
  • Auto testing using Postman application.
  • Other protocols used in API (SOAP, GraphQL, gRPC).
Advanced DB testing
  • Hibernate framework.
  • Spring framework.
  • Spring data project.
Containerized Testing
  • Multi browser testing, mobile browsers.
  • Docker basics.
  • Selenium Grid project.
  • Selenoid project.
  • Test Containers framework.
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