Course cost: $300 / month
Course duration: 2 months, 45 hours
Course start date: September 23, 10:00 - 13:00, Saturdays
Course entry requirements: any programming language experience

*The course is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Ruby Programming Fundamentals
Course program
Data types
  • Numbers representation in Ruby. Integer numbers. Floating point numbers. Numbers formatting. BigDecimal class. Explicit and implicit conversions of numbers. Bitwise operations. Random number generation.
  • String representation in Ruby. Alternative notation for strings representation. Strings comparison. Basic operations on strings. String formatting. Unicode and Base64 encoding. Regular expressions. Working with regular expressions in Ruby. Internationalization in Ruby.
Arrays and Hashes. Sets. Stacks and Queues
  • Working with arrays in Ruby. Basic operations with arrays and hashes.
OOP in Ruby
  • Classes in Ruby. Fields and methods. Static and non-static class fields. Access control to methods and fields. Class objects. Freezing a class object. Inheritance in classes. Sending an explicit message to an object. Nested classes and modules. Parametric classes. Delegation and redirection.
Dynamic Mechanisms
  • Dynamic code interpretation. Dynamic creation of a class object. Getting and setting class variables. Method define_method. Removing definitions. Getting a list of defined entities. Call stack view. Program execution monitoring. Tracking changes to a class or object definition.
Exceptions handling in Ruby
  • Throwing exceptions. Catching exceptions. Exception classes.
GUI in Ruby
  • Qt library. Buttons. Text fields, drop-down lists and other widgets. Event handling.
Threads in Ruby
  • Creation of threads. Access to the local variables of the thread. Polling and changing the state of a thread. Thread groups. Thread synchronization. Synchronization using critical sections. Mutexes. Conditional variables.
Working with files, directories
  • File creation. File deletion. Search for a file in a directory.
Working with XML in Ruby
  • DOM and SAX parsers.
Ruby Sockets
  • Creation of client-server applications in Ruby.
Web programming in Ruby
  • Rails framework. MVC pattern. Working with DB. ORM mapping. Working with controllers Working with ActiveRecord. Layouts and rendering in Rails. Setting up a Ruby application.
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